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Aye Tunes Presents: Boygirlanimalcolour / FALLS / The Black Art

Image of Aye Tunes Presents: Boygirlanimalcolour / FALLS / The Black Art

£5.00 - On Sale

Returning to the foolish World of gig putting on after a lengthy, Aye Tunes is proud to present some ace bands.

Literally the first band put on at a solo Aye Tunes gig, having opened the show at the first event back in January 2011, Boygirlanimalcolour are just back from a lengthy break. Jim the Aye Tunes guy couldn't resist asking them back for another gig. Describing themselves as 90's emo throwbacks, expect loud noises, jumping around, and music much more complicated than the jumping around makes it look.

Another band returning to the Aye Tunes umbrella, North Wales's FALLS return to sweat all over Glasgow once again. This time round they'll be bringing with them their very first proper release, the Dirtbox EP, to launch. Possibly literally, so prepare to duck. Big riffs, huge hooks, loud noises, shouty. Essentially all of the Aye Tunes favourite things.


Not much is known about mysterious two piece The Black Art as yet. This will be their very first gig. You might Already Know a member, the other was previously a Servant. Latest word has it that The Black Art are a 2-piece loop-savvy duo that make a considerable racket that lands somewhere between QOTSA and That Fucking Tank. Sounds good to me.

Trivia: this will be the highest number of tattoos onstage at an Aye Tunes gig ever.

All this takes place at The Roxy 171 on April 16th. It'll cost you a fiver to get in. It'll be dead good, promise.

One ticket = £5.
Bring a pal though, and you can get two for £8. Tell them it still cost a fiver and pocket the change.